Marias Arte & Diseño

Located in the heart of the beautiful city of Oaxaca.
Marias Arte & Diseño was born in 2016 as an idea to create a platform that would allow selling pieces created by talented friends. Particularly, Oaxaca is a highly artistic and cultural city, it was undeniable to note that all my friends or people close to me were creative, I was shocked to see the result of hours of work and production processes so interesting, the wonderful pieces created but more shocked me knowing that many of them did not have a place to promote their work. 
The name of Marias comes from a game with the name, which to my perspective, is the most famous in Mexico, we all have a Maria in our family, my mother is Maria, my grandmother is Maria and I love the temple, with strength but female. Simultaneously, the name of the store was the fusion between my name and that of a friend with whom the project was created, Marie and Mariana, equal to Las Marias: Marías. 
They always ask me what my talent is and what pieces are of my creation, I am a Bachelor of Communication in training and although I have always had an interest in the world of design, my greatest talent is knowing how to link and manage projects, the idea of the store came up for supporting projects that I admire and believe in, projects that are very worth making known.
My dream is to create a promotion / sale platform that is both a kind and creative production chain with a lot of value, full of innovative proposals, artisanal production processes that achieve incredible unique pieces, with contemporary style and high quality. Good because I seek to generate a positive impact on each person who touches the piece, producer / creator, work team and final consumer. 


Mariana Rivera 

CEO Marias Arte & Diseño


About Marias Arte & Diseño (Store located in Oaxaca)

Starting with 5 brands and artists, we managed to create a space with an innovative proposal and, as all the visitors mention, different from what can be found in the city. Over the years, our selection has been refined and growing, we currently have more than 45 projects.

High-temperature Ceramic, Mud, Pelte, Textile Design, Pet Accessories, Jewelry, Men's Accessories, Graphic Arts and Sculpture projects are part of the Marias Arte & Diseño family.