Artist born in Oaxaca, she began her artistic education at the age of 19 at the Oaxaca School of Fine Arts, pursuing a career as an Instructor in Plastic Arts, that's where she got her first approach with Graphics and in particular with relief engraving, period starting with which later begins to develop for the creation of his pieces. Not satisfied with the degree and still in the second year, he also started a degree in Plastic and Visual Arts at the same institution, which culminated in 2014 and concluded in 2012 the degree of Instructor in Plastic Arts . So I also participate as an exchange student in 2013 at the Faculty of Art and Design (formerly ENAP) of the Autonomous University of Mexico. His work is developed from natural elements that enrich through forms and textures, this caused by the taste and interest in fauna and flora, highlighting the importance of living beings in human life because of the amazement that they generate the behaviors, designs, colors and functions of nature. He has participated in local, national and international exhibitions. Currently she is in charge of Hoja Santa Taller, a project inclined to the diffusion, exhibition and production of women's graphic work, she is also part of the Gabinete Gráfico collective, located in Oaxaca City. It has several local, national and international group exhibitions.